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Firm Profile

Jackson B. Horn & Company, P.C. is a dedicated team of professionals providing the highest quality service to some of Houston’s finest businesses. We are a CPA firm. But, more than that – we strive to serve as business advisors to our clients.

We are a Houston-based firm with a history of growing with the city and with our clients. As part of Houston’s dynamic business community, we believe that we have developed an understanding of the goals of Houston business and a comprehension of what makes businesses prosper in our city.

our success is measured by your success

We are businessmen and businesswomen ourselves. Not only do we serve the professional needs of our clients, we are involved in the business decisions of our own firm. Each of us at Jackson B. Horn & Company, P.C. develops hands-on skills in dealing with day-to-day business problems and solutions. We believe that this experience is vital to understanding and anticipating our clients’ needs.

Jackson B. Horn & Company, P.C. is a diversified service firm. We offer tax, accounting and consulting services to our clients. Our people are experienced in each of our service areas and are dedicated to providing that service in a professional manner. Our services are further enhanced by our team approach. No person here works in a vacuum; we work together to solve problems and identify opportunities for our clients.

  • Tax Services

    Tax counseling and preparation of tax returns are among our best known services.

  • Consulting

    The firm’s personnel maintain a vast array of
    consulting skills to assist our clients in dealing with complex management issues.

Why Choose Us
  • Proactive advice and support
  • Personalized Services
  • Accurate client communication
  • Highly qualified and experienced staff
  • Confidential and discreet service
  • Competitively priced
Our experience is vast and diversified.